Wednesday, September 19, 2018

There are millions of lives affected by Dialysis.  I'm sure you probably can identify with this, whether it's family or friend.  I have been experiencing quite a bit of troubles in this world of Dialysis.  

My first experience was over 10 years ago with a close friend.  She was diagnosed with renal failure and had to be put on dialysis treatment.  She was dealing with several other health issues, but the renal failure made matters worse.  It caused her other illnesses to become more
severe and it eventually took her from us.  

It was really quite devastating because we had recently buried her mother who suffered with cancer.  Now we had to make preparations to bury my friend.  

This disease is very taxing on the body, if your kidney is not functioning properly it causes damage to our other vital organs.

I am here sharing some information that can give you a clearer picture of how it can destroy the human body.  I have learned that there is more than one type of Kidney Failure Disease.  Our kidneys act as a filtering to clean our blood, which keeps us healthy.  It allows our blood to be clean from toxins that enter into our system.  When the organs are not working in their full capacity that it was created to perform, we begin to experience different problems.

When your kidney begins to malfunction in many cases you do not produce urine as normal.  This causes excess water in our body to build up and sometimes fluids around our heart and lungs.

Some people begin to experience tiredness, shortness of breath, weakness and irregular heart beats, ect.  Each individual may experience different signs and symptoms.  It is a dangerous disease that can cause death with or without dialysis.

I have experienced two love ones, who have died with this disease while on the dialysis machines who suffered a heart attacks.  Due to my experiences, I have decided to share with others and hope this reading will enlighten others about this disease.  Also hoping after they have read this valuable information, they will take a close look at themselves.

All of us need to take care of our health better.  Eating a more balanced meal rather than fast foods.  Exercise even if it's simply walking around the block a few times.  We also need to go at least once a year and take a complete physical.

Pay attention to your body, if you notice things changing don't ignore these signs, get them checked out.  Especially as we get older, we need to pay closer attention.  Make no mistake kidney failure can affect young and old.  There is no preference when it comes to age.

Here is some website information that offers more information:

Inside a kidney 
There are more and more individual being diagnosed with renal failure today.  The clinics offer dialysis treatment, but that's not nearly sufficient nor are there enough kidneys to transplant.  As I write this story, there are three other young people within my immediate family that are being challenged with this disease.  One has a rare type, one total renal failure and then one has low levels which can lead to renal failure if we don't get her levels back up. 

I submit this blog to open up many eyes to recognize and realize that this disease is readily widespread.  As a mother, friend and supporter I am reaching out to each of you for support.  Read more about the disease and I challenge you to give to this cause.  My hope is to raise more awareness of this crippling disease.

I ask that you open your heart and give what you can to help our efforts to raise funds and educate more regarding this disease.  My hope is that each of you pray with me for this cause that it grows continuously.

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  1. GOD made vitamins and herbs for our health and yes some for the kidneys as well, in my family we had weak kidneys noted by lower back pain and a constant runny nose. Since learning about herbs to strengthening the kidneys and liver which ended my life long sinus and allergy problems. Well I did have to stop using fluoride tooth paste as chemicals cause a lot of health problems prescribed or not.

  2. Thanks for your comments, can you send me information on the natural products you used to help with the families kidney problems.